The Hitler Effect


Symbol of German State and Nazi Party
Die Wahrheit is the German phrase for The Truth. In politics, the truth is something many of us are left unaware of. Speeches and propaganda, especially on the subject of Hitler, are full of one sided views and bias opinions. We are hardly ever made aware of Hitler's side of the story. I am not concerned with taking sides on the subject. However, the information I have learned throughout the years have moved me to pose this question:

Where did Hitler's opinions and views come from? Why did he make the decisions he did? How can we compare ourselves and situations around us to Hitler, the War, and the results of the situation? How are some of the things we do similar?

My goal is to become informed and to inform others of what is commonly unheard of.

In the words of Ron Rosenbaum, I am asking "Is there a potential 'Hitler within' all of us, as some like to say? Or is he off the grid, beyond the continuum in a category of his own?"

("Rosenbaum," pg. 3)


This website is for those who want reliable information that most do not hear about Hitler.