The Hitler Effect

Hitler's Influence on Others

"The love of the German people for the Fuhrer can be compared to a powerful light which never diminishes." ("Manning," pg. 19)

     One common misunderstanding is that Hitler dictated his election by demand. Contrary to this belief Hitler earned his position with votes of the people of Germany by winning their voices along with his. He won a tight election with 11,339,446 votes ("German"), and not only did he lead the people with pride, but he kept himself close to those that believed in him and to those that he believed in.
     Hitler was an amazing speaker. He captivated the minds, not only of his country, but of the world. He spoke from the heart, with very little training prior to his campaign and still captivated over 11,000,000 people. Below you will see a few pictures of how close he really was to his country. He spoke for the people, to the people, and stood by their side. In the  fist picture, he is visiting a soldier in the hospital. Although his reputation speaks loud, he spoke louder.
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